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The Tutu Tygers derive their name from our patrons, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond and Leah Tutu. In 2001 they supported the creation of the Trust and continue to back our mission to provide high-quality care to Tygerberg’s paediatric patients.

We therefore look towards a new generation of leaders to continue the work of our elders.

The Tyger, a nod to the Tygerberg name, is linked to an animal with tremendous energy and power.

As Tygers, we will be willing to fight for the future of our children.

As Tygers we embrace the principles of Ubuntu and commit to being caring, compassionate, as we work to create safe spaces for one another and encouraging one another; the characteristics of a better community.

Tutu Tygers are caring, compassionate leaders, committed to actively using their ability, energy and influence towards improving their communities and their country, and giving young South Africans a better and brighter future through their living example. Tutu Tygers are guided by the principles that the Tutu’s have lived their lives for – namely being a servant of Ubuntu, community activism, and spiritual conciousness.

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