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B-BBEE Accelerator Program


Our trust is a Level 1 B-BBEE Contributor, with approximately 95% of our beneficiaries from indigent Black communities in the Western Cape and beyond.

With our staff at the hospital, predominantly from the same communities, this affords our Trust the unique opportunity to offer our strategic partners access to our unique B-BBEE Accelerator programme focused on offering you B-BBEE scorecard improvements around tailored projects in:

  • Skills Development
  • Enterprise and Supplier Development
  • Socio-economic Development and Corporate Social Investment
  • Ownership Initiatives

For your investment, we do the work in consulting, project management and implementation.  This reduces the burden of in-house capacity while being able to offer a direct contribution to meaningful B-BBEE and participation in the economy, all while you focus on your core business and leave the hard work to us.