Tygerberg Hospital Children’s Trust New Corporate Identity

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Jason Falken, the CEO of the Tygerberg Hospital Children’s Trust announced the launch of the Trust’s new corporate identity, redesigned logo, website and social media platforms at an event at the hospital on 17 October 2019.

“Even though our little Tygerberg Children’s Trust has a long history spanning all the way back to 2001, every organisation needs to pause for introspection in order to remain relevant and to realign itself with the present realities. The vision for our Trust is very bold and far reaching and since we are mandated to support a healthy future for the children of Tygerberg Hospital, we must be united in our efforts. That unity, like all the bricks in a strong building, must stand on a solid foundation. That foundation is our newly refreshed corporate identity and the platforms we will use to spread our message and do our good work.” explains Jason.

Jennifer Geib, brand designer shares the brand journey, “The rebranding process included conversations with a variety of stakeholders throughout the hospital and surrounding communities. The conversations included an in-depth workshop with the Trustees looking critically at the mission and strategy of the Trust, focus groups with children and nurses, questionnaires, and informal one-on-one discussions – all with the aim of more clearly understanding how the Trust is currently viewed and where we want to take it in the future. To coincide with the new direction that the Trust is headed in, a new logo and brand identity system was developed. Taking inspiration from the structure of the hospital itself, the logomark depicts the various groups that the Trust serves in the four separate “building blocks” – pregnant mothers, neonates, infants and children. The four blocks come together to form one logo, recognizing that we’re better and stronger when we’re “united for a healthy future”. The logotype and colours we chose are a playful reminder that we’re working to improve the lives of all of Tygerberg’s children. 

“A website is one of the fundamental building blocks of establishing an authentic digital presence. With this in mind, we have developed a website that represents the core values of the Tygerberg Hospital Children’s Trust, to maintain strong relationships with our community and supporters, share good news and events and ultimately showcase all that the Trust embodies. This is assisted with a 360 digital approach including organic and paid social media to enhance our brand awareness and digital visibility. Our brand, new playful yet sophisticated corporate identity has been highlighted throughout our web design and structure, truly reflect our mission and vision, says Kirsten Samuels, Digital Account Director”.

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